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Manga's 1st "Documentary Boys-Love" Series Ends

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Manga artist Kamome Hamada's Tatoeba Konna Koi no Hanashi (For Example, a Story of This Kind of Love) series is coming to a close after five months. The manga was notable for being described as the industry's first "authentic account of boys-love" by basing one of its lead characters on a real gay couple.

The character Akira is based on a real man named Kento Yanagi who Hamada interviewed closely for the sake of the story. Tatoeba Konna Koi no Hanashi chronicles his bittersweet memories of first love and first kiss and overcoming the largest hurdle of his life: coming out to his family. The magazine's editorial department tweeted an interview with him.

The manga's story is set in the Higashi-Rinkan district of Kanagawa Prefecture, which is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. Akira and Masaru show that "genuine love is painfully sweet."

Akira has never had a real romantic relationship, and he has told himself since high school that he must not fall in love with straight guys. One day, someone comments on his cooking blog, "Is your skill at cooking despite being a man because you're a homo?" Real love between a heterosexual man and a gay man unfolds after their rocky first communication. The true story reveals the couple's tribulations and transformations of heart.

The final chapter is included in the July issue of Magazine BExBOY released on Wednesday.

Source: Animate Times

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