Alleged ClariS Photos Reveal Parts of Secretive Singers' Faces

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The musical duo ClariS is known for being secretive about the true identities of its singers. The duo debuted in 2009 after the original members, Clara and Alice, met in elementary school. Instead of showing their faces like most performers, the singers use anime-style illustrations to represent themselves on CDs and merchandise. Even after Alice left in 2014 and Karen replaced her, the closest the young women had come to revealing their identities as of 2015 was performing in veils.

However, the duo seems to be becoming less strict about concealing themselves. The pair had their first live appearance via telephone in December, and Clara and Karen reportedly very briefly revealed their full faces at their first Budōkan concert in Tokyo on February 10.

Alleged photographs of ClariS from their appearance at the "Music Theater 2017" event surfaced online on Sunday. The duo performed at the anime-themed music event with a variety of other artists in Saitama on May 27 and May 28.

Yahoo! Japan Auctions user pakapakasoo posted a listing on Sunday for five sets of 10 alleged photographs of ClariS from the Saitama event. The photographs were available for the "buy now" price of 1,700 yen (about US$15). The last remaining set was purchased on Monday.

The photographs have received a mix of reactions from online commenters. The photos failed to impress some people who thought they are unremarkable because they still do not reveal all of the singers' faces. Other net users said the performers appear to be conventionally attractive young women. Still other commenters propagated the rumor that the duo must be unattractive, and that is the real reason why they never show their faces.

The world premiere screening of the "ClariS 1st Budōkan Concert ~Futatsu no Kamen to Ushinawareta Taiyō~" (ClariS 1st Budōkan Concert: Two Masks and the Lost Sun), at which the duo briefly showed their faces, will be held at Anime Expo on July 2. Crunchyroll will release the concert Blu-ray Disc, titled "ClariS Meets NIPPON BUDOKAN ~ Two Masks and The Lost Sun~," in July.

ClariS has performed theme songs for anime such as Oreimo, Madoka Magica, and Eromanga Sensei.

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