Anime Voice Actors Play Rejuvenated Elders in Wi-Fi Router Promo Video

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Seeking to reel in Japan's aging population as well as its youth, Premier Mobile is collaborating with anime voice actors Wataru Hatano (My Hero Academia's Hitoshi Shinso, Fairy Tail's Gajeel Redfox), Mayu Yoshioka (Wake Up, Girls!'s Mayu Shimada, Hundred's Sakura Kirishima), and Kōtarō Nishiyama (Sagrada Reset's Hitsuchi-kun, Haikyu!!'s Kazuhito Narita) for a promotional campaign. The company began streaming a promotional video for its Mobile WiFi E5383 wireless router on Tuesday that stars the voice actors.

In the video, a grandfather talks to his friend about how he is looking forward to seeing his anime-loving granddaughter during summer vacation. However, he is worried because the signal is weak at his house. His granddaughter had told him on the phone, "It'll be no good if I can't watch the anime I like at your house." The friend suggests the Mobile WiFi E5383 router to the elderly couple. Borrowing his friend's router, the grandfather successfully previews the "P.R.I.S.M.Age" anime on his tablet.

Just then, the granddaughter calls her grandfather. He tells her the good news that she will be able to watch anime at the house. She is relieved, starts looking forward to the trip, and her sisters ask to come along. As the grandfather continues to tell her about Premier Mobile, his voice becomes anime-ified with Hatano's voice. The grandmother is surprised at his voice, but her own becomes Yoshioka's. The friend remarks in Nishimiya's voice that he suddenly feels rejuvenated. Apparently, Premier Mobile is responsible for making the trio feel young again. The video includes a text disclaimer that reads, "There is no such effect."

avex entertainment produced the video, and ODDJOB provided the animation.

The SIM-free Mobile WiFi E5383 router features a touch screen, and up to 10 units can be used simultaneously. Various paid monthly plans are available for customers in Japan.

[Via Nijimen]

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