ANN Readers: Welcome to the Ballroom Is Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Anime

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Japanese readers at Charapedia and Kadokawa's eb-i Xpress weighed in on which summer anime series they are looking forward to this year. Those websites' users chose the second season of NEW GAME! and Jigoku Shōjo: Yoi no Togi, but Anime News Network readers eschewed both in favor of Welcome to the Ballroom. The adaptation of Tomo Takeuchi's competitive dancing manga follows feckless high school student Tatara Fujita discovering his talent after encountering a professional ballroom dancer.

Coming in second is Fate/Apocrypha, an alternate timeline story in the Fate/Stay night franchise, followed by Owarimonogatari which was recently revealed to be a two-part special. Both those series ranked ranked in the top three on Charapedia, but Fate/Apocrypha came in fifth on the eb-i Xpress poll. Here's Anime News Network's full results:

Anime News Network Reader's Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Anime

  1. Welcome to the Ballroom
  2. Fate/Apocrypha
  3. Owarimonogatari
  4. New Game!!
  5. Castlevania
  6. Kakegurui
  7. Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
  8. NTR: Netsuzou Trap
  9. DIVE!!
  10. Shōkoku no Altair
  11. Vatican Miracle Examiner
  12. Senki Zesshō Symphogear AXZ
  13. Hajimete no Gal
  14. Jigoku Shōjo: Yoi no Togi
  15. Love and Lies
  16. Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS
  17. A Centaur's Life
  18. Tsuredure Children
  19. Saiyuki Reload Blast
  20. Gamers!

The summer 2017 anime season kicks off on July 1. You can check out our editorial team's most anticipated picks here.

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