The irregular at magic high school Voice Actors Satomi Satou, Takuma Terashima Marry

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Voice actress Satomi Satou announced on her blog on Thursday that she has married fellow voice actor Takuma Terashima. Both are attached to the voice acting agency Axl One.

Satou thanked her supporters and said she is still the same person and will continue voice acting. Satou noted that she has a lot of ways that she can sympathize with and respect Terashima in both their work and private lives. With that in mind, Satou decided to marry and continue her life with Terashima.

Satou and Terashima have voiced roles in some of the same anime, including Fairy Tail and Hell Girl: Three Vessels. Satou voiced Mizuki Shibata in The irregular at magic high school, while Terashima voiced Leonhart Saijo in the series. Satou also voiced Karin Fukazawa in In Search of the Lost Future, while Terashima voiced Sō Akiyama.

Satou's major roles in anime include K-ON!'s Ritsu Tainaka, Fairy Tail's Wendy, K's Kukuri Yukizome, Oreimo's Manami Tamura, Assassination Classroom's Yukiko Kanzaki, and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya's Mimi Katsura. Terashima's major roles include The [email protected]'s Tōma Amagase, Utano☆Princesama Revolutions' Otoya Ittoki, PriPara's Usagi, Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts' Toshimitsu Kubo, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes' Stone Riber, and Log Horizon's Shiroe.

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