Women in Portugal are Forming Real Keijo!! Teams

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Last year's sports series Keijo!!!!!!!! was unique take: combining sumo with floating arenas. Oh yeah, and all the moves were based around weaponized T&A. Keijo!!!!!!!! was great for walking the line of shōnen sports manga themes of camaraderie and training sequences with absurd special attacks like "Shoryucans" and "Gate of Bootylon." It was only a matter of time until someone tried to adapt the sport into the real world.

Enter Keijo Portugal, a new sports league accepting applicants ages 16 or older to go toe to toe (or in this case butt to butt) in a battle for supremacy. The group is currently working out the kinks to make the sport actually playable, so don't expect any nipple judo here. The participants are shown wearing padded gear on an inflatable trampoline floating in an indoor pool.

The initial rules will have four to six players compete simultaneously for five minute rounds. Players can only attack one another using their hips and chest and players are disqualified by either falling down or out of the arena into the water. The platform can only be touched by competitors' feet.

Team matches will pit four vs four or three vs three and last for 10 minutes. A team is declared the winner when all of the other players on the other team are eliminated.

[Via Yara-on!
Images via Keijo Portugal Facebook page]

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