Japan's Anime Industry Celebrates Underwear Day on Twitter

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Some people in Japan know August 2 as Underwear Day. The number eight may be pronounced "pahn" in Japanese, and the number two may be pronounced "tsu." One word for "underpants" in Japanese is "pantsu" (pants). Thus, the second day of the eighth month of the year is known as a day to celebrate lower undergarments. Some women also secretly give underwear to their favorite men on August 2.

Naturally, Japan celebrated the occasion again this year with special Twitter posts. Pants Day became a trending topic on Twitter. Here are some pants posts from members of Japan's anime and manga industry:

Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu Love! Hatsugeki! stage play
(via Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! producer Yoko Kawahara)
Show By Rock!!
Love and Lies

Voice actor Takuya Eguchi (Sagrada Reset's Tomoki Nakano, Kuroko's Basketball's as Shinji Koganei) revealed on Twitter that he just learned about Pants Day. Fellow voice actor Wataru Komada replied to his post and asked if the types of underpants people send has different connotations. Eguchi responded, "Don't know. LOL."

MAPPA shared a relevant Yuri!!! on Ice image back in July, but some net users couldn't help but circulate it again for the special day.

Fans of the underwear holiday may also be wearing avant-garde gag manga creator Man-gatarō's unique new boxer briefs to celebrate.

[Via Nijimen]

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