Ciao Magazine's 2nd PriPri Chi-chan!! Freebie Combines Electric Fan, Eraser

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The September issue of Shogakukan's Ciao magazine bundled what is probably the world's first electric fan and eraser robot when it shipped in Japan on Thursday. The Pri Chi Fan Keshi Robo CHI-02 is the magazine's second home electronic bonus item inspired by Hiromu Shinozuka's PriPri Chi-chan!! manga. The magazine's official YouTube channel also began streaming an introduction video for the item that mimics the style of a Japanese infomercial.

In the video, Chao Girl Maaya is stuck outside losing her motivation in the heat. She suddenly remembers the handy Pri Chi Fan Keshi Robo CHI-02 that she is wearing around her neck. Maaya pushes the bow on the robot to activate the fan and cool down. Later, the girl is taking a test when she realizes she forgot to bring an eraser. Luckily for her, small electronics seem to be allowed in the testing area. She changes her fan eraser robot from fan mode to eraser mode and again pushes the bow to make the eraser rotate. Hopefully after finishing her test, Maaya then shows the empty space in the back of the robot that provides storage for the fan blades and extra erasers. She ends the video by saying people must call in within 30 minutes to order and follows that up by admitting she was joking.

The magazine bundled the Pri Chi Osōji Robo CHI-01 autonomous robotic vacuum in March.

The September issue of Kodansha's Otomodachi magazine also gave away a talking vending machine toy when it shipped on Tuesday. The issue marks the magazine's 45th anniversary.

Source: Comic Natalie

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