Black Buter's Yana Toboso Draws Fate/GO's Saber Alter, Mordred

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

It looks like Black Butler manga creator Yana Toboso has enjoyed Type-Moon's Fate/Grand Order mobile game. Toboso shared fan art of Mordred and Swimsuit Saber Alter on her Twitter account. Both characters are wearing servant costumes; Mordred is a butler and Saber Alter's swimsuit is modeled after a French maid. Both costumes are actually available in game as part of a new quest campaign.

She also drew Mordred dancing with Gudako, the game's female protagonist.

Mordred's outfit was part of the FGO Fes. 2017 memorial quest that allowed players to unlock limited-time "Heroic Spirit Formal Dress" conceptual outfits for 47 servants. Saber Alter's outfit is part of this year's summer swimsuit campaign.

[Via Nijimen]

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