ToraCon Otaku Marriage Consultation Uses Male Members' Stats to Attract Women

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The ToraCon otaku marriage consultation service revealed some statistics for its male members earlier this month.

The company revealed that the average age of male members is 35 years old, and their average yearly income is 5.9 million yen (about US$54,000). The men's average monthly expenses on hobbies is 14,000 yen (US$128) each, and 85% of the male members live alone. Of course, as the Twitter post states, 100% of the men have otaku hobbies.

Considering the message is directly addressed to female otaku, people reading the statistics should keep in mind that the numbers are probably intended as a marketing ploy. Despite the marriage consultation service's claims of popularity among women, ToraCon has struggled to find women for some of its matchmaking events.

ToraCon opened its main marriage consulting office in Akihabara on February 25. A new satellite office opened in Nagoya this month, and the branch is offering 60% discounts on its various service plans through September.

The dōjin Manga Shop Toranoana launched the ToraCon service. oranoana's founder and CEO Hirotaka Yoshida said around the time ToraCon's launch that about 68% of otaku are unmarried in Japan. Yoshida said he is not sure what it will take, but he hopes ToraCon will help to solve that problem.

[Via Yaraon!]

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