K-On! Voice Actress Madoka Yonezawa Announces Marriage, Pregnancy

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Voice actress Madoka Yonezawa made an extra special birthday announcement on her blog on Wednesday. The 35-year-old K-ON! and Fate/Grand Order: First Order star wrote that she married a long-time boyfriend last year and the two are now expecting their first child. Her husband is an average company employee.

A fan drew this image of Yonzeawa's character Feri from Granblue Fantasy to celebrate the announcement.

Yonezawa said she is indebted to all her fans who have cheered her on and expressed concern for her. She plans to continue with her career in the future.

Yonezawa starred as little sister Ui Hirasawa in K-ON!, Serena Jōnōchi in the Pretty Rhythm franchise, and most recently Olga Marie Animusphere in the Fate/Grand Order: First Order special.

[Via Nijipoi]

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