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Ichiro Mizuki Comments on New Mazinger Z Film

posted on by Amanda Whalen

Celebrated vocalist Ichiro Mizuki, who has performed theme songs for a wide variety of anime and tokusatsu over a career that has spanned more than four decades, recently commented on the new Mazinger Z film Gekijōban Mazinger Z / Infinity, which will open in Japan on January 13, 2018.

Mizuki will be performing the film's opening theme song. In the past, he performed the theme songs for a variety of other entries in the franchise, including the Mazinger Z TV anime series, Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishōgun, Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman, Mazinger Z Vs. Dr. Hell, Great Mazinger, and Great Mazinger tai Getter Robo G - Kuuchuu Dai-Gekitotsu.

About the film, Mizuki said,

Since I started recording 45 years ago, I've had the privilege of singing for an innumerable number of fans not only in Japan but all around the world in various countries, but no matter what country the fans are from, the crowd always yells, "Zeeet!" all together in a huge chorus. People who haven't seen this for themselves probably can't understand how incredible this feels. Even with the passage of time, fans all over the world don't seem to think that Mazinger Z is becoming dated, and their hearts are still burning brightly for it. As for me, when continuing to sing the Mazinger Z theme song, I've never gotten tired of it even once, and I still have the pleasure of being able to sing it with a fresh feeling each time. By the way, next year will be my 50th anniversary. On that same year, the Mazinger Z film will be released in Japan, and Go Nagai-sensei will be celebrating his 50th anniversary as well. Both of those things feel like my very own anniversary presents.

Mizuki also performed the theme song for last year's Ultraman Orb. Other previous work has included the theme songs for Kamen Rider Stronger, Kamen Rider BLACK RX, Kamen Rider X, New Kamen Rider, Combattler V, Voltes V, Voltron, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and Godannar, among many others.

At the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) in 2016, Mizuki was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his career as a vocalist.

Source: Natalie Comics

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