Girls und Panzer Voice Actress Ikumi Nakagami Gives Birth to 2nd Son

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Voice actress Ikumi Nakagami announced on her official blog on Monday evening that she gave birth to her second son at 9:14 a.m. on Monday. The boy weighed 2,578 grams (about 5.68 pounds).

Nakagami said both she and her son are healthy, and if her recovery continues at the current rate, she may be able to return to work sooner than she thought. Nakagami thanked all her supporters for their help during her pregnancy and delivery.

Nakagami's first son was born on August 19, 2015. She said at the time of her first pregnancy that she had wanted a child ever since she got married about four years previously. However, she was cast as Yukari Akiyama in Girls und Panzer very soon after her wedding, and chose to prioritize her work at that point.

Nakagami's anime roles include Girls und Panzer's Yukari Akiyama, Futari wa Milky Holmes' Keiko Totsugawa, and White Album 2's Io Mizusawa.

[Via Nijipoi]

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