Actor Tadanobu Asano Becomes Pikachu Fan in Pokkén Tournament DX Ad

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Actors Tadanobu Asano (live-action Parasyte's Gotō, live-action Kiki's Delivery Service's Dr. Ishi) and Mana Ashida (live-action Bunny Drop's Rin, Pacific Rim's young Mako) star in a new television commercial for the Pokkén Tournament DX game that debuted on Thursday. Although initially unenthusiastic, Asano becomes "Pikachu Man" in the video and yells "Go, Pikachu!," "Thunderbolt, Pika—!," and other exclamations at his in-game character as he plays with Ashida.

The video begins with Asano apparently reviewing the script for the Pokkén Tournament DX commercial he is going to star in. He says he likes Pikachu, but he isn't overly excited about the plan for the commercial. In particular, he's dubious about himself laughing alongside Ashida as they enjoy the game. However, the video cuts to filming of the commercial, and Asano appears in Pikachu ears (which Ashida was supposed to wear) laughing naturally as he plays with Ashida. It seems that despite his initial skepticism, Asano gets into the game after all. He doesn't want to let Ashida play as Pikachu, and the pair continue to battle aggressively as Asano cheers on his Pikachu in the game. Although he is passionate, Asano's Pikachu still loses to Ashida. The video ends with Ashida drawing Pikachu's red cheek spots on Asano as a penalty.

Asano and Ashida ad-libbed in the video. In an interview for the commercial's release, both actors said they enjoyed ad-libbing and working together. Asano said he was surprised at Ashida's gaming abilities, and Ashida said she followed Asano's lead for the ad lib. When asked what move they would try if they could use a Pokémon move, Asano said Thunderbolt, and Ashida said Seismic Toss. Both are moves that the actors used with their Pokémon in the video.

Both physical and digital versions of the Pokkén Tournament DX game will ship on September 22. The Nintendo Switch game will feature the 16 playable Pokémon from the original Wii U Pokkén Tournament; Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, and Croagunk from updates to the arcade version; and new playable Pokémon Decidueye.

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Nintendo released the original Pokkén Tournament fighting game on the Wii U in North America, Europe, and Japan in March 2016.

Ashida also recently created a buzz again for her work several years ago as young Mako in cite>Pacific Rim. Director Guillermo del Toro recently confirmed that he let Ashida call him "Totoro-san" on the film's set because she could not pronounce his name.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web

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