Onsen Musume Multimedia Project Debuts 2nd Anime Music Video

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The idols of the Onsen Musume multimedia project held their "SPRiNGS 1st LIVE “NOW ON☆SENSATION!!" event on August 20. SPRiNGS is the nine-member idol group made up of the voice actresses attached to the project. Voice actresses Yūki Takada, Yurika Endō, Rika Nagae, Natsumi Hioka, Yūki Kuwahara, Karin Takahashi, Minami Shinoda, and Misaki Watada opened with "Future Imagination!" and closed with "Junjō -Sakura-" before performing two more encore tracks for a total of 10 songs.

"Junjō -Sakura-" is the group's latest track to get an animated music video and was included on the group's second mini-album "Tsuioku Kaleidoscope." Jumondou is credited with animation production and Nobuaki Nakanishi directed the music video.

During the concert performance, the idols appeared in matching stage outfits to perform the song's choreography.

Animation studio Doga Kobo brought the idols together for their first animated music video featuring their first song "Mirai Imagination!" (Future Imagination!).

Since introducing its original nine characters, Onsen Musume has expanded to 36 and now includes other rival idol groups like Akatsuki, Lush Star, Adhara, and petit corolla. SPRiNGS' will release their new single "Hop Step Jump!" on November 15. SPRiNGS will hold their second live event on Christmas Eve. The group will perform new songs that would only be suitable for such an occasion. The concert will be held twice that day, once in the daytime and once in the evening at the Nakano Zero Great Hall. Fan club members will get ticket priority, while other tickets will be distributed via lottery tickets bundled with the group's CD singles.

The Onsen Musume project started as a crowdfund campaign earlier this year. It reached its goal in 10 days and ultimately raised 7,110,540 yen (about US$64,000), enough to fund production of a drama CD with the main cast. The project then added a manga, fan clubs, live events, a Wixoss trading card game collaboration, and merchandise.

In the project's story, god of hot springs Sukunahiko summons nine girls to fight the decline of interest in hot springs. To fulfill their role, the Hot Spring Girls form the idol group SPRiNGS. The girls serve as guardian deities who are voiced by seiyū and designed individually by different character designers.

Source: Animate Times

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