Man-gatarō Continues Manga Parodies with Jump+ Site Hijack

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Man-gatarō (Gatarō Man) caught readers' attention two weeks ago when Weekly Shōnen Jump ran his startling parody of Eiichirō Oda's One Piece manga. The magazine's staff "apologized" for running the chapter while also promoting Man-gatarō's new work that was set to launch on the Shonen Jump+ website on Monday. As a countdown to the launch, Shonen Jump+ released a "legendary one-shot" manga by Man-gatarō every day beginning on Saturday. The result is a "hijack" of the site and more unique parodies.

The site includes Man-gatarō illustrated chapters of My Hero Academia, Kinnikuman, Hetalia World Stars, Tegami Bachi, Dragon Ball, Psyren, Nisekoi, and Fire Punch.

The chapters were only available to read for 24 hours.

Man-gatarō's new manga series is titled Hoshi no Ojisama (Prince of the Stars, the Japanese title for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince book). Unlike Saint-Exupéry's original, this planet-hopping prince travels nude with the exception of a scarf and boots, and is excessively violent to the point that he dismembers the story's narrator. The first chapter is available to read for for free.

The story is Man-gatarō's first weekly serial in 12 years, since he ended Chin Nyūshain Kintarō, itself a parody of Salaryman Kintarō by Hiroshi Motomiya.

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