Sailor Moon Stamp Collector's Set Looks Back at Early Manga Artwork

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Naoko Takeuchi's iconic magical girl series Sailor Moon is celebrating its 25th anniversary and there's at least one item you can't pick up at the newly opened Sailor Moon store in Harajuku. Fans will have to head to post office locations in Japan to pick up these framed stamp sets when preorders open on October 2.

The "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Premium Framed Stamp Set" includes one framed stamp of all 10 of the Guardians, stamp holder, eight premium postcards, and 24 regular postcards. The stamp holder includes an handwritten message by Naoko Takeuchi with her signature. Customers that buy the set at a post office instead of the online website will also receive clear files as a bonus gift.

Stamp holder, front and back, shown with eight premium postcards
24 regularly included postcards
Included premium postcards. Artwork was originally published in the February 1993, June 1993, and September 1995 issues of Nakayoshi magazine.

Post offices will accept preorders until January 26 and online shops will accept preorders until January 31. The set is expected to ship in March.

Japan has previously offered limited edition stamp sets for Ranma 1/2's anniversary, the recently passed Macross orchestral concert, and Nintendo's Super Mario games.

Source: Comic Natalie

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