Artist Macoto Takahashi Featured in Comme des Garcons Fashion Show

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Acclaimed illustrator Macoto Takahashi's artwork found new life on the runway of Paris on September 30. Japanese fashion house Comme des Garcons debuted its 2018 Spring-Summer collection at Paris Fashion Week, part of which features a large print dress of one of Takahashi's iconic, starry-eyed girls. The artwork was featured on two of the designer Rei Kawakubo's 15 runway looks.

A new exhibition of Macoto Takahashi's large body of work opened in Tokyo's Seibu Shibuya store on October 3. The exhibition in itself is a celebration of Takahashi's 65th anniversary since debuting as a painter and the release of his new collection Romantic Otome Style. The exhibition features approximately 200 pieces, some debuting for the first time.

The 83-year-old artist made his debut in 1957 in Kobunsha's Shōjo Natsu no Zōkangō magazine. His popular works include the ballet manga Arashi o Koete (1958) and Petit La. He's renowned for intertwining girls' comics and fashion. In 1987, he opened his own gallery in Sakura City, Chiba and has continued to put on new exhibitions since 1992.

Manga, anime, and video games have increased their presence in high fashion. Louis Vuitton featured the Ghost in the Shell score for the Fall 2017 collection's runway show in March. Louis Vuitton has previously cited Sailor Moon, Ghost in the Shell, and even Akira as inspiration in previous collections. Other anime characters have made appearances on the runway, including JoJo's Kakyoin. Prada "hired" characters from Final Fantasy XIII for its ads. Rei's plugsuit, albeit an altered one, also walked at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Source: AFP BB News, Comic Natalie

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