Snag Yourself an Angel with Evangelion Fishing Lures

posted on 2017-10-04 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
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The Evangelion franchise is looking to reel in more big fisherman bucks with its next collaboration with DRESS fishing gear. Not satisfied with its expensive themed fish grip, tackle bag, and tote, the franchise ostensibly about kid-piloted giant robots is adding three colorways of fishing lures to its merch line-up.

The DREPAN-EVA fishing lures are color-coded to resemble Eva Unit-01, 00, and 02 from the film trilogy reboot. They can be purchased separately for 1,404 yen or as a set for 3,888 yen. Orders are expected to ship in November.

The Evangelion and DRESS line so far includes the previously mentioned GRASPER fish grip in Unit-01 and Unit-02 colors, water buckets to place freshly caught fish, small gear boxes, aluminum pliers, tackle bags, and totes. God willing, a customer could almost outfit an entire fishing boat with color-coordinated Evangelion gear.

As random as this collaboration appears, the Eva 01 GRASPER sold out and got a second production in September.

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