Aho-Girl Tops Poll of Most Enjoyable Summer 2017 Anime

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The Summer 2017 anime season has come and and gone. Anime News Network readers were initially pumped for Welcome to the Ballroom's premiere while Charapedia and Kadokawa's eb-i Xpress polls put NEW GAME! and Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight. Now that the season has wrapped, readers at Anime! Anime! chose which of the summer series they most enjoyed this year. Surprisingly, the top spot went to one banana-eating dunderhead named Yoshiko. Meanwhile, Welcome to the Ballroom still cracked the top 10, coming in at the very bottom.

Anime! Anime! Readers Choose Most Enjoyed Summer 2017 Anime Series

  1. Aho-Girl
  2. New Game!!
  3. Gamers!
  4. Kakegurui
  5. Classroom of the Elite
  6. Fate/Apocrypha
  7. Princess Principal
  8. Restaurant to Another World
  9. Knight's & Magic
  10. Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
  11. Welcome to the Ballroom

Kodansha Comics is publishing Hiroyuki's original manga under the title Aho-Girl. Kodansha Comics describes the series:

Yoshiko, a truly clueless high school girl, is never far from over the top hijinks. Her childhood friend has no choice but to look out for her!

Which Summer 2017 anime series did you enjoy the most? Let us know in our own poll!

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