MegaBots, Kuratas Giant Robots Duke it Out Tuesday

posted on 2017-10-12 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
China now has a dog, err, monkey in the fight

After a two-month delay, U.S.-based MegaBots will take on Suidobashi Heavy Industry's million-dollar Kuratas robot in a battle to the death. The skirmish is set for October 17 and will stream on YouTube.

MegaBots creators Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti completed a successful KickStarter campaign to create what has become Eagle Prime. The company tapped experts from Mythbusters, X-Prize, BattleBots, IHMC Robotics, NASA, and Howe & Howe Technologies to get their prototype into fighting shape.

The battle between Kuratas and Eagle Prime likely won't be the last giant robot battle. MegaBots hoped to usher in a Giant Fighting Robot League and China's GREATMETAL is lining up with its own contender. The "Monkey King" robot was first shown in a video on MegaBot's YouTube channel in April. Oehrlein and Cavalcanti said the Chinese challenger would take on the winner of the Kuratas vs. MegaBots battle if it is ready in time.

Shiqian Sun is the lead roboticist behind Monkey King's development. In the video, the robot is shown to be both quadripedal and bipedal and able to wield a staff-like weapon.

Sun previously made a 30-foot tall Transformer for Paramount Movies. The Monkey King prototype was on display in Beijing earlier this year.

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