Boys-Love Theory Book Features Dialogues With Manga Creators

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Ohzora Publishing released Akiko Mizoguchi's BL Shinkaron [Taiwa-Hen] Boys' Love ga Umareru Basho (Theorizing BL as a Transformative Genre ("Dialogue" Edition): Visiting the Sites Where Boys' Love Is Born) book on Tuesday. The book analyzes the evolution of boys-love and its relationship to society.

The book includes Mizoguchi's dialogues with manga creators Kou Yoneda (No Touching At All, Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly), Asumiko Nakamura (Classmates, Double Mints), and Fumi Yoshinaga (Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Antique Bakery). Kaoru Iwamoto, Totem Pole, Yuuri Eda, Scarlet Beriko, Satoru Ishihara, Hebiko Habuyama, C. S. Pacat, Masaya Chiba, Shion Miura, and other manga creators and novelists also contributed. In addition, the book features studies that LGBT website 2CHOPO serialized.

Mizoguchi's related BL Shinkaron Boys' Love ga Shakai o Ugokasu (Theorizing BL as a Transformative Genre: Boys' Love Moves the World Forward) book shipped in 2015.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Katsunori Takahashi)

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