Manga Creator Says Sales Ultimately Determine Series Cancellation

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Manga creator Shinsuke Inue got a shock recently when his editor called to tell him his Shōjo Kishidan x Knight Tale (Girl Knights x Knight Tale) manga has been cancelled. The latest chapter of the series debuted in the January 2018 issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Comic magazine on Thursday. Inue had been looking forward to continuing his manga into the future, but he revealed on Twitter on the same day that his manga will conclude in the third compiled book volume.

Inue posted a three-page manga that reveals the conversation he had with his editor. Inue's editor began a phone conversation by telling him that the series has earned a lot of enthusiastic fans and that his work has received positive reviews from the editorial department. Inue then expected his editor to give him good news such as his work being able to expand into a multimedia franchise. However, the editor informed him that due to inadequate sales, the series will end in with the third volume.

The editor's announcement took Inue aback, and he explained that he still has a lot of plans for the series including the introduction of new characters. The editor said that even so, the series must be cancelled. He clarified that he doesn't think the manga is boring, but the numbers ultimately decide everything. Inue ended his short cancellation announcement manga by asking any publishers and editors who read his Tweet and see value in his work to let him know. If possible, Inue would like to continue the manga through a different magazine or reboot the series.

Inue also posted a series of Tweets further explaining the cancellation. He revealed that his editor said, "Numbers are everything. We can't put out books that won't get additional printings." Inue said he understands that publishers cannot take on projects that will become financial burdens. He later added that he does not blame his publisher or editor for the decision to cancel the manga based on monetary concerns.

Shōjo Kishidan x Knight Tale launched in the magazine in June 2016, and Kadokawa released the second compiled book volume on May 26. Inue's other manga include an adaptation of Kazuma Kamachi's Heavy Object light novel series that ran from 2009 to 2011.

Chi to Hai no Joō ("Queen of Blood and Ash," or Killing Vamp) manga creator Hajime Bako also issued a Twitter plea in September to fans to buy more compiled volumes of his work to prevent its cancellation. The move apparently worked, and Bako's editor told him that his manga will be able to continue.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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