Kids Are Ready to Flip for Break Go! Ga! Battle Toys

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Anime ad shows of Red Cyclone, Slash Panzer's attacks

The new Break Go! Ga! toy line is about combining kids' love of construction vehicles with battle bots, creating a customizable brawl of heavy duty equipment. Bandai is kicking off the toys' debut with a three-minute animated commercial demonstrating, albeit with some enhanced for animation abilities, the appeal of creating the best bot and crushing your opponent.

The toy line currently has three starter vehicles, each with two color variations for a total of six options. The anime ad above shows a Flame Red Cyclone Hawk take on a Heavy Black Slash Panzer. Opponents enter their vehicle into the colosseum play area and the first to successfully flip the opponent's vehicle on its back for three seconds or repel them from the colosseum, wins.

Break Go! Ga! will go on sale in Japan starting in February.

Thanks to IMissBionix for the news tip

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