Campaign Offers Vending Machines Voiced by Ayana Tatetatsu, Signed Prizes

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Are you thirsty for a drink as well as a way to channel your otaku enthusiasm? Voice actress Ayana Taketatsu is lending her voice to a set of vending machines that are part of a prize campaign for signed goods.

From December 18 to February 16, Smile STAND talking vending machine users will be able to hear Taketatsu's voice from 10 machines in Akihabara, Tokyo and Nihonbashi, Osaka. The voice of Taketatsu, who is also appearing in television commercials, says various phrases as customers carry out their orders and retrieve beverages from the designated machines. Phrases include "Hello! I'm Ayana Taketatsu!" and "That looks goood!" In addition to a regular version, there will also be variations such as "tsundere" and "little sister" voices.

People who use the DyDo Smile STAND smartphone app can participate in the prize campaign. To participate, Taketatsu's fans can use the app to access a special site and answer a quiz. The 20 winners will each receive a special paper board signed by Taketastu. The entry period will run from December 18 to January 17.

Taketatsu will star in her first live-action broadcast television drama alongside Ryo Kato in NHK's new Robokatō Nakajima to Hanazawa-san (Nakajima Robokatō and Hanazawa) mini-drama beginning on December 28. Taketatsu plays the heroine Hanazawa in the drama, a woman with whom the humanoid robot Nakajima Robokatō (Ryo Kato) is in love.

Taketatsu has voiced characters in such anime as K-ON! (Azusa Nakano), High School of the Dead (Arisu Maresato), Star Driver (Aragon Simone), Oreimo (Kirino Kōsaka), Guilty Crown (Tsugumi), Sword Art Online (Leafa), High School DxD New (Koneko Tōjō), KanColle (Yamato), Girls und Panzer der Film (Arisu Shimada), Dagashi Kashi (Hotaru Shidare), and Classroom of the Elite (Kei Karuizawa).

Source: Animate Times

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