Magikarp Exclusive Lottery Sure to Make a Splash

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Hot off its win of best cute and casual app, Magikarp is making waves as lottery prizes. The flopping fish is the solo subject of Banpresto's third "Pokemon Research" lottery campaign. Prizes mostly include dishware, but the biggest prize is a plush Magikarp bag.

The lucky winner of the "Last One" prize will get a shiny die-cut Magikarp dish.

The lottery kicks off January 27. Previous campaigns focused on Magnemite and Mimikyu. After the Magikarp campaign wraps up, Banpresto will focus on Gengar in January, followed by Dedenne in April.

Magikarp has its subset of fans regardless of its usefulness in battle. Besides its popular Pokémon: Magikarp Jump app, it has its own love song, and inspired the ultimate gaming challenge, beating the entirety of Pokémon Sun & Moon with no other Pokémon.

Source: Animate Times

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