More Fate/Grand Order Servants Get Cute for Sanrio Collaboration

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Sanrio is transforming classics and upcoming anime series' characters into its signature cutesy style. This includes the servants from the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order. The company unveiled the first 11 character designs back in October, but if your favorite servant wasn't there, Sanrio added 10 more to the line-up.

The second round of characters includes: Arturia Pendragon (Alter), Jeanne d'Arc (Alter), Gilgamesh (Caster), Nero Claudius, Arthur Pendragon (Prototype), Cu Chulainn (Alter), Ozymandias, Tamamo no Mae, Enkidu, and Edmond Dantes.

The new character designs will be featured on tote bags, clear files, cell phone cases, t-shirts, key chains, pens, and other goods starting on January 19. A collaboration cafe is also planned for next month.

Fate/Grand Order recently got its own virtual reality tie-in starring Mash Kyrielight and fans have already found a way to spy on her.

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