Intrepid Biking Otaku Sets His Sights on Winter Comiket

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During the summer, one Comiket attendee gained a multitude of fans by chronicling his journey from Aichi prefecture toward Tokyo Big Sight. Usually such a trip would be no big deal, but Twitter user DJ_Flandre decided to travel the stretch of 760km (472mi) by bike. His journey was beset by obstacles, namely getting lost, overcoming intense heat, and navigating the sometimes mountainous terrain. No one thought he'd attempt the same trip twice, much less during winter.

But there's one thing DJ_Flandre has, and that's dedication. On Christmas Eve, he announced he would make the trek again on his trusty bicycle.

He first traveled to Nagoya city where he purchased a speedometer before heading on to Toyoake city. This time around, he won't have to worry about getting sunburns.

DJ_Flandre was making good time, already pulling three hours ahead of where he was four months ago. In fact, he made it Shizuoka prefecture without much trouble.

His serene views while traveling into Hamamatsu were exceptional.

By the time night fell on his first day, DJ_Flandere traveled about 140km (87mi) in nine hours. He arrived in Kakegawa and stopped for Christmas dinner.

With another 203km (126mi) to go, DJ_Flandre continued riding into the night.

He wrapped his first day in Shizuoka city, traveling a total of 210km (130mi) in a single day.

He added that comparing the two, traveling during the winter was better than the summer so long as he prepared for the temperature. He didn't have to drink as much water, and he could control his temperature better since there's really nothing you can do to stay cool, clothing-wise.

He also gained another 2,000 Twitter followers since starting his winter journey. He joked that he may want to become a virtual YouTube star with his newfound popularity.

The next morning, he headed to Numazu.

After arriving, he was surprised to find a TV crew there who asked him for an interview. After a meal came the next leg, DJ_Flandre's loathed mountainous Route 1 to Hakone in Kanagawa prefecture.

After some route trouble, he closed his second day with 120km (74.5mi) traveled. Assuming he can overcome the treacherous route through Hakone, he's set to arrive in Tokyo in the coming day, with plenty of time before Comiket 93 kicks off on December 29. We're rooting for you, DJ_Flandre!

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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