CG World Magazine Crowns This Year's Best in CG Anime & Games

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The computer graphics magazine CG World declared the victors in its third annual "CG World Awards." Studios Orange, Visualman Tokyo, Oxybot, and O.L.M. had a tough summit to face if any were going to overcome Yaoyorozu, the studio behind the smash-hit Kemono Friends.

Each studio's accomplishments this year were impressive, but ultimately the juggernaut anime series could not be defeated. CG World awarded Yaoyorozu the Grand Prix prize, adding yet another award to its growing pile.

CG World's other categories include Special Effects in a Live-Action Work, Best Work in CG Animation, Best Work in Video Game Graphics, and Skill Award.

The live-action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure won the Special Effects in a Live-Action Work prize. The amazing Stand and water effects gave the film the edge it needed to win.

While its studio didn't win the Grand Prix, The Land of the Lustrous took the Best Work in CG Animation prize. The CG World staff previously noted it was nominated for its well-executed action sequences, facial expressions, and rich character representation.

Best Work in Video Game Graphics went to Nier: Automata by Platinum Games. The game's beauty speaks for itself.

Finally, the Skill Award went to Unity Technologies Japan's Unity engine. This award is specifically to acknowledge new tools and services developed this year that benefit CG creation.

This year marked an increase in great CG animation and video games. Here's to next year!

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