Gossip Site: Kemono Friends Anime's 2nd Season Offered to Sunrise

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Kemono Friends Garden restaurant's future is also uncertain

With Yaoyorozu producer Yoshitada Fukuhara's confirmation on Wednesday, it appears the final nail is in the coffin for fans who hoped director Tatsuki might return for the planned second season of the Kemono Friends anime. Fans are speculating about what studio might animate the new anime now that Yaoyorozu is out of the picture. The gossip website Buzz Plus News reported on Thursday that a source in the Japanese media said that production of the second season has been offered to Sunrise.

The source clarified that although there is a standing offer, "it doesn't mean that Sunrise will undertake production." There has been no official announcement of which studio will be in charge of the upcoming anime. However, Sunrise produced the anime adaptation of Kemono Friends conceptual designer Mine Yoshizaki's Sgt. Frog manga.

The future is also uncertain for the "outdoor food park" Kemono Friends Garden. A post on the beer garden-style restaurant and shop's official Twitter account suggested on Thursday that the staff are unsure if Kemono Friends Garden will reopen next summer. The post added that the staff plan to come to a decision about the fate of the restaurant by January, and a final announcement will follow.

TATSUKI reported in September that, per a notification from publishing and production company Kadokawa, he is no longer working on the Kemono Friends project. Soon after, the anime's official website announced that Yaoyorozu would no longer be involved due to communication problems related to copyright permission.

Despite his removal from the new Kemono Friends anime, Tatsuki has remained active and continued to pursue his own anime projects. Tatsuki and his Irodori team released the "full version" of their "Keifuku-san" anime short on Thursday after previously releasing the beginning in two parts. Tatsuki also recruited background artists for an unspecified project in October. He appeared in a penguin mask as he accepted the Twitter Trend Anime of the Year award for Kemono Friends last week. After drawing a huge crowd at Comic Market 92, Tatsuki will return with a booth at Comic Market 93 this weekend.

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