'Beat Takeshi' Kitano Considers Anime for Next Film

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The 70-year-old actor, director, comedian, and television personality Takeshi Kitano, often known as "Beat Takeshi," has been vocal about his dislike of anime. However, he may be warming to the idea of participating in an anime production.

Kitano appeared on the Takeshi no Daremo Shiranai Densetsu ~Nippon no Tensai-tachi 2017~ (The Legendary Story That Nobody Knows) television program that aired on TV Tokyo on Saturday. On the program, shogi player and current Ryūō title holder Yoshiharu Habu asked Kitano what the theme of his next film will be.

In response, Kitano said that he is considering making a romance film because people say he has never made one before. He recently wrote his first romance novel, titled Analog, and it shipped in Japan on September 22. Kitano noted on the program, "I wrote it for use as a film, but I tried doing it as a novel." Kitano did not specify that he is planning to turn his novel into a film as his next work, but he referenced the book in talking about his idea to make a romance film.

Continuing, Kitano said, "As for the original work, the person who reads it imagines the characters in their own way." He added, "Because there's a possibility people will say this actor is different from this book, I'm thinking I might make it into an anime."

After In This Corner of the World won Best Film at the 26th Tokyo Sports Film Awards this year, Kitano called for live-action filmmakers and stars to reevaluate their works. He asked live-action creators to assess why their films are "losing" to anime.

Kitano played Public Security Section 9 founder and chief Daisuke Aramaki in Dreamworks and Paramount's live-action Ghost in the Shell film, which debuted last March. He also directed and starred in Outrage Coda, the final film in his Outrage yakuza film trilogy, which opened in Japan in September.

Source: Sponichi Annex via Otakomu

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