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Watch Black Jack & Doronjo Hit It Off in Match-Making Service Ad

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

An ad for the match-making service Partner Agent paired black market doctor Black Jack and classic Yatterman villain Doronjo. In the first ad, the duo shares their initial impressions. Black Jack admits he doesn't dislike Doronjo, while she's impressed by his profession, or more accurately, his profession's income.

In the second episode, the burgeoning couple attempt to discuss their hobbies but accidentally start speaking at the same time. In the third episode, Doronjo reveals her dream of world conquest but Black Jack merely pauses and responds with, "Is that so..." Black Jack also confides that he has a daughter, Pinoko, which Doronjo replies that everyone has a past, and she doesn't care that he has a daughter. This seals the deal for Black Jack who says "If that's the case, I insist that you become my wife."

Looks like it's wedding bells for the two characters.

Otaku looking for love have turned to the ToraCon marriage consulting office. The service boasts that since opening in February, matches are as high as 95% percent within the first three months and the dating rate is as high as 60%.

Source: Comic Natalie

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