Gundam's 'Char' Charged for Riding Sazabi Electric Unicycle on Road

posted on 2018-01-12 20:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman

Police have charged a 51-year-old man for allegedly operating a Ninebot One electric unicycle in violation of Japan's road traffic laws in August. The man's electric unicycle had a design inspired by the MSN-04 Sazabi mobile suit that Char pilots in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

According to police, the man was riding the unicycle on public roads. Because it did not have a rearview mirror or headlights, it classified as a vehicle with poor maintenance. Police investigated the case after the man got into an accident with a motorcycle. According to police, the man acknowledged that his actions were dangerous.

The character Char apparently prefers his vehicles to have at least two wheels. Char-inspired road bikes debuted last year, and Toyota previously released Char cars.

Source: TV Asahi via Otakomu

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