Proud Mama Britney Spears Shows Off Son's DBZ Fan Art

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Chart-topping pop singer Britney Spears son is a big Dragon Ball Z fan and has been for the last few years. Spears previously shared his Halloween costume, the nefarious Frieza, in 2016. Her son's love for the series is still going strong and even inspiring him to draw his favorite characters. Spears shared his artwork on Twitter with the caption "Proud Mommy moment!"

Her son's skills attracted the attention of voice actor Christopher Sabat, the voice of Vegeta, Yamcha, and Piccolo. Sabat responded to Spears' tweet offering to "scream" at the kids (likely in character) at a convention.

36-year-old Spears is the mother of two boys, Sean and Jayden ages 12 and 11, from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline.

Could we ever see the pop idol with her kids in tow at Anime Expo? If so, she'd probably be incognito but cosplay is great for that!

Thanks to Daneil Zelter for the news tip

[Via Comic Book/Anime (Kofi Outlaw)]

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