Monster Strike's Final Fantasy Campaign Includes Real Chocobo Prizes

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Monster Strike smartphone role-playing game is teaming up with the Final Fantasy game franchise for a second time in as many years. The first go around was to celebrate the Final Fantasy franchise's 30th anniversary, but this time the game is throwing in some real-life prizes as well in-game appearances from the games' diverse cast.

The collaboration will kick off on February 2 with the "Chocobo GET" campaign. Will players actually get a Chocobo? Well, sort of. Players that log on on January 30 will get a limited Chocobo character and players that log on from January 30 through February 1 will also get an orb each day. Players can also receive Gysahl Greens for their Chocobos. These add up to an overall counter to unlock lottery campaigns for original goods. This is where the "real" Chocobos come in.

The collaboration goods vary from limited background music on the campaign site to chocobo-styled gear you can actually ride. Three winners will receive an all yellow Chocobo bicycle and two people will win a Chocobo Segway. A total of 600 people will win Amazon gift cards with Chocobo design cases, half for 1,000 yen (US$9) and half for 5,000 yen (US$45).

Players can obtain Gysahl Greens from the Chocobo Egg Hatcher on the collaboration site and sharing the results on social media and find the vegetables within the Monster Strike game.

Characters from the previous collaboration as well as new characters will show up within the game. The collaboration site announced Cecil (Final Fantasy IV), Terra (Final Fantasy VI), Zidane (Final Fantasy IX), Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI), and Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) are joining Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Squall Leonheart and Laguna (Final Fantasy VIII), Bartz Klauser (Final Fantasy V), Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Vaan (Final Fantasy XII), and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII). The Heroes of Light will also appear in the game with enemies Golbeza, Gilgamesh, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja, Jecht, Gabranth, and Cid Raines.

Just imagine riding away on your Chocobo Segway, this song playing as you head off into the sunset.

Source: 4Gamer

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