As the Seiyū World Turns: Two Births, Hints of a Secret Wife, and a Divorce

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It was a busy weekend in the world of voice actors and singers. Two singers announced the birth of their children, one voice actor might have let slip that he's actually married, and another singer announced she's leaving her husband. The drama had all the makings of an over-stuffed soap opera episode.

Singer Marina (Marina Nakamura), the singing voice of ZHIEND in P.A. Works' Charlotte anime and insert song performer for Angel Beats!, posted an elated picture of herself with her new bundle of joy on Sunday. In the post she revealed her son was born 16 days early and shares a similar face shape as her own. Marina experienced some complications post birth, stating that there were issues with both bleeding and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) but she's resting and can endure the pain for her son's cute sleeping face.

Marina married her husband and fellow musician Akito Shirai in 2014. Their child was born just shy of Marina's own birthday on February 7.

Recently retired singer Mami Kawada also announced on Saturday that she has a child, albeit they are a couple years old now. Kawada made the announcement on Twitter and revealed that the child's father is musician Tomoyuki Nakazawa. Kawada and Nakazawa worked together on theme songs for A Lull in the Sea, A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion, Jormungand, Shakugan no Shana III and many others over the last 15 years.

In less happy news, actress and singer Mika Nakashima, perhaps best known as portraying Nana Osaki in the live-action NANA films, announced she divorced her husband, professional volleyball player Kunihiro Shimizu on Friday. The two decided to separate, citing difficulties living in both Tokyo and Osaka at the same time. Nakashima was living in Tokyo while Shimizu lived in Osaka and as a result, they only saw each other three or four times per month.

The couple said their time together was irreplaceable and they are thankful for it. The 34-year-old Nakashima and 31-year-old Shimizu began dating in 2011 and married in December 2014.

Finally, popular voice actor Takahiro Sakurai might have hastily revealed that he's married on a live radio broadcast. Sakurai appeared on the program "Comechat Countdown" with voice actresses Yuka Iguchi, Maaya Sakamoto and Mikako Takahashi on Saturday. The program was to discuss the release of Sakamoto's new single "CLEAR," the opening theme song for Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.

During the program, Sakurai begins to mention how someone he knows really likes Card Captor Sakura. He initially says what that sounds like "My wi---, err acquaintance really likes it," followed by a quick nervous laugh. The rest of the cast seems unfazed by Sakurai's slip and the show goes on without comment.

If Sakurai is married, this would be the first time he revealed his relationship. The voice of Osomatsu and Beserk's Griffith is 43-years-old, so surely no one would fault him for settling down?

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