Don't Watch Pop Team Epic With Your Baby Boy — Or His 1st Words Might Be…

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

There's plenty of anime for kids, but Pop Team Epic isn't the first example that comes to mind. One couple found out exactly how strong the effect of show can be when they tuned in to an episode with their infant son. In between each segment, Pop Team Epic displays its logo with a voice over reading the show's name.

The couple was laughing at the previous segment's conclusion when their infant son followed up with "...Po." The couple was shocked when the baby then said "Pop Te--"

The mother and father, perhaps not wanting their son's first words to be "Pop Team Epic," yelled for him to stop. But the damage was already done. Pop Team Epic's infectiously surreal comedy left a lasting impression.

Since sharing the story, @s_saihi's tweet has 147,903 likes and 77,429 retweets.

Since its premiere, Pop Team Epic has continued to leave its mark on 3D world. Its Skyrim joke became a real mod. It embraced its brand of "crap" with a suitable Comiket booth and befuddles its own director.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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