'Girlish Pikachu' Makes Her Debut in Crane Games This Week

posted on 2018-02-06 19:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman
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Banpresto unveiled the "Girlish Pikachu" line of Crane King prizes last week. The series shows everyone's favorite yellow sidekick on adorable merch. The line is part of Banpresto's "Otona mo Pokémon" series of items geared toward adults.

Female Pikachu, with tell-tale heart-shaped tails, are the stars of the prizes targeted toward women. The lineup includes two varieties of 24-centimeter (about 9-inch) Pikachu plushes, three varieties of stand mirrors, three varieties of 11-centimeter (about 4-inch) plushes, and three varieties of plush pouches.

The bigger plushes and stand mirrors will begin debuting in game machines in Japan on Thursday. The smaller plushes and pouches will debut on February 15.

Banpresto's other "Otona mo Pokémon" items include the "Pokémon Tea Party," "I ♥ Series," and "Pikachu Crazy About You" series.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Kōtarō Nakase)

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