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Utena Manga Artist Chiho Saitō Publishers Her 1st Boys-Love Book

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Manga creator Chiho Saitō is no stranger to complex sexuality and gender topics. She created the manga version of Revolutionary Girl Utena and she recently finished Torikae Baya, a historical manga focused on gender non-conforming siblings that switch identities. Despite her manga pedigree, Saitō has never written a boys-love work, until now.

Saitō debuted Sekai no Ōzoku (Royalty of the World) collection by boys-love magazine Be Boy Gold publisher Libre on February 9. The short stories and illustrations focus on historical royalty pairings in Japan and abroad, like the Middle East, Europe, Ancient Rome, and Mongolia. The pairs include a sheikh and a Japanese youth, a bodyguard and the Maharaja, a Roman emperor and an army captain, an escort and an Heian period emperor, Mongolian tribal chiefs, and the Emperor of Russia and dissenting serfs.

Saitō is currently publishing new chapters of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga and will launch a brand new manga in Monthly Flowers magazine in April.

[Via Nijimen]

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