Popular Voice Actors Play Household Electronics in Promo Videos

posted on 2018-03-08 11:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman

Some anime fans may daydream about having a popular voice actor like Natsuki Hanae or Aya Uchida in their homes. Home electronics company Haier Japan is putting a twist on that scenario for a month-long series of 26 promotional videos. The first video, titled "Hitorigoto" (Monologue), debuted on Wednesday with Hanae as a refrigerator.

In the video, model and actress Yūno Ōhara is fresh out of the bath when she goes to her refrigerator for a snack. She suddenly realizes the pudding she had hoped to eat is completely gone. The refrigerator (Natsuki) is confused at first but chides her after it realizes what happened. Although Ōhara appears unable to hear, the refrigerator tells her that she ate the pudding herself. In fact, Ōhara ate the last two pudding packs on the previous day.

The "Koisuru Haier" (Home Electronics in Love) promotion tells the story of the daily lives of home electronics as they watch over the people who own them in their homes. With the exception of weekends, one new video will debut every day during the campaign. Hanae and Uchida voice electronics such as a refrigerator, washing machine, stove, rice cooker, and vacuum. In addition to Ōhara, model Jijin, actress Mari Yamachi, actor Ikkei Yamamoto, and actress and illustrator Uchū Imagawa play the humans in the videos.

Voice actors Akio Ohtsuka and Ayana Taketatsu also became capybaras for promotional videos for home shower equipment last year.

Source: Animate Times

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