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Masked Tokusatsu Hero Takes Down Over Zealous Fridge Monsters

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Mitsubishi Electric's ad introduces "Kamen Reito Shun" starring Yoshihiko Aramaki

Mitsubishi Electric is hoping to sell more refrigerators by creating a fake tokusatsu special-effects series titled "Kamen Reito Shun." The title references the Japanese word "reitō," which means "freezing" or "refrigeration." Yoshihiko Aramaki stars as the title character in a promotional video for the fictional program that recently debuted.

In the video, the mysterious freezing monster Hieeza wreaks havoc among Japanese housewives as he harshly freezes their groceries, destroying the freshness of the items. Kamen Reito Shun, who is a personification of Mitsubishi Electric's refrigerators, appears to save the day with his special techniques.

The hero's attacks are named after features of real refrigerators. His first attack is inspired by the "Below-Freezing Stocker D" refrigerator compartment that stores meat and fish at below-freezing temperatures without freezing it solid and gently defrosts food without causing dripping. His second attack "Kirechau Shun Reitō" (Cutting Instant Freeze), which also incorporates the "shun" (instant, moment) from his name, is named after an instant-freezing feature in Mitsubishi Electric's refrigerators that allows ingredients to be easily cut without defrosting. Finally, the hero finishes off Hieeza by cutting him with a blow at -7 degrees Celsius (19.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

The video ends with the main housewife thanking Reito on a beach. However, Reito moves away from her, causing her to call him "cool." He apologizes and says that he will warm up if she is close. She leans on his shoulder, and he warns her that she might catch a cold by being so close to him. She says she doesn't mind.

Voice actor Ryusei Nakao (Dragon Ball Z's Freeza, Soreike! Anpanman's Baikinman) voices Hieeza in the video. Actress Junko Matsuhashi plays the lead housewife.

Aramaki played Uesugi Kagekatsu in the Sengoku Night Blood smartphone game and its anime and stage play adaptations. He has also performed roles in various Touken Ranbu, Ensemble Stars!, Hakuōki, and K: Missing Kings stage plays.

Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta previously partnered with Toshiba to promote the company's refrigerators in 2016 and 2017.

[Via Nijimen]

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