Voice Actress Atsuko Enomoto Discusses #MeToo Movement, Harassment in Industry

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"I went through a time when I vehemently wanted to quit my job"

Voice actress Atsuko Enomoto began discussing the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment, and power harassment on Twitter on Saturday. In the tweets, Enomoto commented on her own experiences as a young voice actress, as well as her feelings about harassment in the entertainment industry in Japan.

Enomoto noted that the #MeToo movement is spreading. She said that she went through a time when she "vehemently wanted to quit her job" in the first few years after her debut as a voice actor. She added that no one helped her, and she felt like she had nowhere to turn during these hardships. Through reflecting on her past, she realized that the likely causes of her mentally trying times were sexual harassment and power harassment.

Continuing, Enomoto said she has earned respect in building her career over the years, but things were very difficult for her when she was younger. She said she felt stuck and defeated although she has since worked to move out of her difficult situation.

On the other hand, Enomoto emphasized that she believes Japan's voice-acting industry is very "clean" in Japan's world of show business.

Enomoto said she hopes the industry continues to progress in protecting children. She noted that the number of children aiming to be voice actors has increased. She believes that becoming a voice actor may be a "sparkling dream" for some, but issues can arise anywhere humans are involved.

Enomoto clarified that her opinions reflect her own experiences in the industry, and the situation continues to change every day. She thinks peoples' feelings on the matter also vary by generation.

Additionally, Enomoto reflected on how her past relationships with senior female voice actors shaped her current behavior. She said that she is careful and goes home by taxi when she drinks until after the last train runs at night. However, she refuses to leave one girl alone at such times because she has a responsibility to protect younger women.

Enomoto's anime roles include Cardfight!! Vanguard's Emi Sendō, Steel Angel Kurumi's Kurumi, His and Her Circumstances' Yukino Miyazawa, and Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino's Triela. Enomoto and fellow voice actor Mark Ishii (Cardfight!! Vanguard G's Chrono Shindō, Haikyu!! Second Season's Lev Haiba) married in 2016.

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