Music Video Previews Ichigo Takano's New Song-Inspired Manga

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Ichigo Takano (Orange, Yume Miru Taiyō) will launch a new manga titled Kimi ni Nare (Become You) in the June issue of Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine on April 25. A teaser website for the manga series opened on Wednesday, and it is streaming a music video that previews the manga.

The manga was inspired by the band Kobukuro's new song of the same title. In the new music video, Takano works on an illustration for the manga and writes out band member Kentarō Kobuchi's song lyrics. Meanwhile, panels from the manga highlight the upcoming series' story that connects to the song.

The manga's story centers on third-year high school student Taiyō Ashie, a daydreamer and member of his school's light music club who dreams of being a musician. Leading up to graduation, Taiyō prepares for his first live performance that will be held at the school's culture festival. Taiyō's bandmates drop out of the club due to exams, and only he is left. Taiyō faces walls in the spaces between reality, fantasy, and dreams. But just when he is about to give up, he gains sight of something.

The manga will adorn the front cover of the June issue of Monthly Action, and the first 59-page chapter will feature an opening color page. The June issue will also bundle a collaborative clear file between Takano and Kobukuro.

The "ONE TIMES ONE" CD single from Kobukuro that features the "Kimi ni Nare" song also shipped on April 11. Kobukuro previously performed the ending theme song for the Orange anime.

Source: Comic Natalie

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