Shouta Aoi Time-Travels Into Pop Team Epic Manga... Sorta

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

It's been two weeks since voice actor Shouta Aoi saved Pop Team Epic and the internet with his time travel abilities. It didn't take long for the experienced singer to make his way into Bkub Okawa's original web comic. Well, sorta.

The official Twitter account for Manga Life Win, the website that publishes the comic, shared an image of Aoi drawn in the same pose as his appearance in the anime's final episode. The tweet is advertising that the latest chapter of the manga is up on the website.

The website itself also has the image of Aoi as a thumbnail for the latest chapter, but if you click to read it you'll find that he's suspiciously absent from the comic itself. Instead, Popuko and Pipimi are back in the era of shogunate. Did Aoi bring them there or is it just the setting? Maybe it's better not to think too hard about it.

Aoi's appearance in the anime episode started a meme on Twitter under the hashtag "バッドエンドから一行で救う" (Bad End Kara Ikkō de Sukū; Use one line to prevent a bad ending). Viewers copy-pasted images of Aoi in situations that would lead to a bad ending, but he manages to prevent it with a single line.

This may be yet another farce at fans' expense expecting to see the joke continue only to be misdirected entirely.

[Via Nijimen]

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