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Latest DARLING in the FRANKXX Episode Inspires Angry Hashtag

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Beware, here be spoilers for DARLING in the FRANKXX!

A-1 Pictures and Trigger's DARLING in the FRANKXX anime series has plenty of subplots going on behind its dystopian setting and child soldier conditioning. One of these is a central love quadrangle between monster girl Zero Two, protagonist and all around good guy Hiro, the studious Ichigo, and eternally understanding Goro. Zero Two loves her darling Hiro, Hiro loves her back, but Ichigo also loves Hiro, and of course Goro loves Ichigo.

The latest episode of series shook up the series quota and a subset of fans are just not having it. SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST EPISODE BELOW

After Zero Two practically goes nuclear on the entire squad, her handlers separate her from Hiro and re-enlist her with the elite squad. Hiro feels tortured over the development because he rejects Zero Two's actions but still loves her. He attempts to go after but Ichigo stops him and finally lays her feelings bare. Fans of the Hiro and Zero Two coupling, or those who disagree with Ichigo's actions in the episode have started using a hashtag on Twitter to designate their anger towards Ichigo, dubbing her "#Bitchigo." The hashtag is predominately being used by English-speaking viewers on Twitter and Instagram.

User comments include:
"CAN'T SHE JUST DIE?! 002 may not be human but Ichigo is worse than a monster, f****** b****."
"Thanks for ruining my one week of waiting for this episode.. Cause... F*** you ICHIGO "
"#Bitchigo unironically ruined not only the episode, but also my near perfect day."

Since the episode, viewers upset with the character's actions have defaced her wiki page stating the character "makes sh**** decisions based on how much she wants f*** 'main character-kun'" along with other expletives and describing her as a "pathetic, flat-chested, irrational f****** r******* love for him."

While some fans are expressing backlash against the character, others have said the reaction is overblown.
"Okay... I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. This whole #bitchigo thing has been blown waaaay out of proportions. Spreading cancer and sending death threats? Dafuq is wrong with you? People like this give the anime community a bad name."
"LMAO Just had a good ass time looking up #bitchigo memes and rants. It's truly priceless. I really hope they give her a huge redemption arc during the last half of the show. I still like her, but MAN what she did was on that selfish s*** My boy Goro though man....my boy Goro..."
"I can get behind the hate that #bitchigo is getting, but going after the staff of the anime is a line that shouldn't be crossed. Feel free to hate on Ichigo, but keep it there and not towards the staff. As we all know there's still 10 episodes left, so give it some time."

[Via Yara-on!]

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