Fans Vote for Their Favorite Male Voice Actors

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Earlier this month we published a tally of which male voice actors are topping this season with the most roles. Yūichi Nakamura and Yuuki Kaji tied for first with eight roles apiece. It seemed like cast line-ups are favoring a handful of voice actors, but could that be because they're also the audience's favorites? Charapedia held a poll to see which male voice actors are readers' favorites. You might notice some similarities between this poll and the earlier tally.

Charapedia's Favorite Male Voice Actors

  1. Hiroshi Kamiya (2 shows)
  2. Yuuki Kaji (8 shows)
  3. Yūichi Nakamura (8 shows)
  4. Tomokazu Sugita (6 shows)
  5. Mamoru Miyano (7 shows)
  6. Daisuke Ono (3 shows)
  7. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (5 shows)
  8. Takahiro Sakurai (6 shows)
  9. Jun Fukuyama (4 shows)
  10. Yuichiro Umehara (7 shows)
  11. Akira Ishida (4 shows)
  12. Nobuhiko Okamoto (5 shows)
  13. Yoshimasa Hosoya (5 shows)
  14. Soma Saitō (5 shows)
  15. Hiro Shimono (3 shows)
  16. Kenichi Suzumura (3 shows)
  17. Ryohei Kimura (3 shows)
  18. Tatsuhisa Suzuki (4 shows)
  19. Junichi Suwabe (7 shows)
  20. Shouta Aoi (4 shows)

Despite his limited appearances this season, Hiroshi Kamiya remains popular. Before voicing the Captain Levi in Attack on Titan, Kamiya won the Most Votes Award at the annual Seiyū Awards and continued to win the title for five consecutive years. In second place is Yuuki Kaji, one of the two voice actors tied for most appearances this season.

[Via Nijimen]

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