Fans Respond to Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya's Angry Outburst at Event

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Voice actors Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, and the rest of the members of Masochistic Ono Band (MOB) appeared at the "DGS vs MOB Live Survive" event held at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday and Sunday. The event was related to the voice actors' Dear Girl~Stories~ (DGS) radio program. After Saturday's event concluded, a rumor began to spread online that Kamiya had an angry outburst toward attendees at the event.

There is no official confirmation of Kamiya's actions at the event, but an issue apparently arose during a call and response session at the end of Saturday's event. One of Kamiya's calls to the audience reportedly asked for people who put spoilers on Twitter to respond, and it seems the question was intended to draw silence from the crowd. However, one female fan apparently responded, implying that she posts spoilers on Twitter. No matter how many times Kamiya repeated his call to the audience, the same woman apparently kept replying. It appears that the incident frustrated Kamiya, and he then had an angry outburst.

Scriptwriter Masaru Suwa, also known as MOB member Do-S, posted an apparent response to the incident on Twitter. He did not directly reference the reported incident or name Kamiya. His post implied that "this person" would be upset if people reveal spoilers, and Suwa told his followers "Be careful!"

It seems that Suwa may have intended his post as a light-hearted reaction to alleviate the apparently heavy atmosphere after Kamiya's outburst. In turn, Suwa's Twitter post drew a large response from fans, and many criticized the female audience member who apparently angered Kamiya. One Twitter user said, "Sorry! The atmosphere got bad due to a strange fan. Please let me apologize as a fan who was at the venue."

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