JRA's Captain Tsubasa Campaign Offers Web Content, Panel Displays, Prize Lotteries

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The image below makes it look like Youichi Takahashi's characters have given up soccer to chase a much smaller ball as polo players. However, the visual is for a new promotion that the Japan Racing Association (JRA) announced on Wednesday for its 85th Tokyo Yūshun (Japanese Derby) horse race, which will be held on May 27. The JRA's latest anime collaboration, titled "Captain Tsubasa Derby," is a partnership with the new Captain Tsubasa series.

Tsubasa Ōzora and his fellow soccer players appear as jockeys for the promotion. The collaboration's official website features a five-chapter "SGGK" ("Super Ganbari Gakushū Keiba" or "Super Endurance Learning Horse Race") manga that uses art from the original Captain Tsubasa manga. The manga's original scenario teaches readers about horse racing in Japan.

A special event will be held in the plaza area at the Shibuya MODI shop in Tokyo from May 23-25. The event will feature a life-size panel of Tsubasa and a horse statue in collaboration attire that fans will be able to take pictures with. The displays will return as a photo booth at horse races at Tokyo Keibajō on May 27 and June 3. Separate panels will feature Captain Tsubasa art with photographs of horses who won the Japanese Derby in the past. The event will distribute leaflets and also give away special chocolates to the first 100 people to participate in a Twitter campaign.

People who bring the leaflets to the Japanese Derby venue on May 27 will be able to participate in a prize lottery for exclusive merchandise. People who attend the derby will also be able to display the play screen of the collaboration's "Hissatsu Shoot Derby" web game and spend at least 500 yen (about US$5) on derby betting tickets for a chance to win. Five participants will be able to win A Prize soccer jerseys signed by Takahashi that feature names of winning race horses. The B Prize is one of 200 unsigned jerseys, and the C Prize is one of 795 collaboration clear files.

Attendees who participate in the prize lottery on May 27 will receive a ticket to participate in a second prize lottery, which will also be held at the Tokyo Keibajō venue on June 3. People who show the ticket and spend at least 500 yen (about US$5) on betting tickets will be able to participate. The lottery will offer 10 QUO cards worth 5,000 yen (about US$45) each, 90 scarf towels, and 100 clear files.

The JRA collaborated with Kingdom last year to promote the 84th Japanese Derby. In addition, the JRA has previously partnered with works such as Attack on Titan, Evangelion, and Sengoku Musou for similar collaborations involving online content.

The JRA's Mr. Osomatsu "Hashire! Oumatsu-san" collaboration includes an OVA and six new anime shorts. Crunchyroll streamed the Osomatsu-san Ouma de Kobanashi special.

Source: MoCa News

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