Bean Bandit Kickstarter Campaign Celebration Illustrations

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Kenichi Sonoda's Kickstarter campaign for his Bean Bandit anime met its goal on June 2. Supporters within the industry shared fan-art of the Gunsmith Cats and Bean Bandit characters to celebrate the news. The official Twitter account for the project shared artwork from art director Hiroshi Kato (Barakamon, Space Brothers, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance), Full Metal Panic! artist Shikidouji, mechanical designer Koji Nakakita (Gatchaman crowds), and, of course, Kenichi Sonoda himself.

Rally Vincent by Shikidouji
Background artwork by Hiroshi Kato

Bean Bandit by Koji Nakakita

Becky by Kenichi Sonoda

The initial goal of the project is to make a five-minute animation, with stretch goals that could expand the runtime to 20 minutes (at US$380,000) or 45 minutes (at US$800,000). The animation will get a Blu-ray Disc release. Sonoda also said on the Kickstarter page that he wants to "bring Bean Bandit to the big screen, and even an animations series and movie."

The campaign has raised US$161,767 as of this writing with five days remaining.

Source: Bean Bandit anime official Twitter account

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