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UPDATED: Alice or Alice Manga Creator Pretends to Marry Da Capo Game Artist

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

UPDATE: Mamu Mitsumomo confirmed with Anime News Network on Monday that the images were a joke. The dresses are gorgeous but Mitsumomo and Korie did not get married. The original article appears below.

Manga artist Riko Korie announced that she married Da Capo game artist Mamu Mitsumomo on Saturday. The happy brides wore pink and white for their big day. Korie is in pink on the left and Mitsumomo is in white on the right. Korie wrote that the two are now a happy family.

Mitsumomo also shared a picture and wrote that whole both she and her wife are inexperienced, they hope their fans will watch over them warmly.

Korie is the creator of the Alice or Alice manga series about twin sisters Rise and Airi and their older brother who is slightly attracted to them. The series is serialized in Comic Cune and inspired an anime adaptation by EMT Squared that premiered in April. HIDIVE is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan. Korie also provided illustrations for the Unlimited Fafnir light novel series.

Mitsumomo previously worked with the adult visual novel company CIRCUS on its Da Capo game series. The Da Capo games have inspired multiple anime adaptations and spin-offs. Mitsumoto currently works freelance and her latest project is Present from Angel (Tenpure!!), again with CIRCUS.

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